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Valentine gift

Jim asked his friend, Tony whether he had bought his wife anything for Valentine’s Day.

“Yes,” came the answer from Tony who was a bit of a chauvinist, “I’ve bought her a belt and a bag.”


“That was very kind of you,” Jim added, “I hope she appreciated the thought.”

Tony smiled as he replied, “So do I, and hopefully the vacuum cleaner will work better now.”

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Hundreds for one

One train which was going peacefully on the rail-tracks suddenly deviated from the tracks and went to the fields nearby and then came back on the tracks. The passengers were horrified.

On the next Railway station the driver was caught: He was questioned how the incident happened.

He explained that there was a man standing on the tracks and he was not moving from there even after lots of honks etc.


Then authorities questioned : Are you mad! just to save life of one person you put life of so many passengers under danger. You should have overran that person.

The driver replied
: “Exactly, that is what I also decided, but this idiot started running towards the field when the train came very close.”

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Roopvati, Gunvati and Dhanvati

Dad : The girl whom I showed you is roopvati, gunvati and dhanvati. So you should marry her.

Dad and son

Son : But the girl whom I love is roopvati, dhanvati and garbhvati so I must marry her.

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Bitten by vampire

Patient: Doctor, I think that I’ve bitten by a vampire.

Doctor: Drink this glass of water.


Patient: Will it make me better?

Doctor: “No, but I’ll be able to see if your neck leaks.”

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Oh!!! Aisa honeymoon

Mr Mahen Lal grew up in America. At the age of 24 he decided to get married but he wanted a sati savitri type of girl who will cook and clean, take care of his family (typical girl).

His parents wanted him to choose a bride from his homeland. So Mahen goes to visits his old village.


He fell in love with Kamla (love at first site) kamlawati was uneducated, that’s one of the things Mahen liked about her because he knows how educated girls change in the U.S.

Anyway he said kamla to marry him promising her that they will go on a honeymoon. Kamla was amazed she thought to herself, “kya pati milla hai muje moon pe lejayega”

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