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Fannah Special…

Rone de aaj mujhko…

Crying baby 1

Tu aansooo bahane de

crying baby 2

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America mein WAAR

Robert: America mein WAAR ho gaya boss!!!
Ajit: U.S mein kyaa rakhaa hai Bloody Fool!!! India mein roz “WAAR” hota hai.

Two men talking

Bolo kaise???

Robert: Nahin maaloom Boss!!!

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Buri niyat wale gayab!

Ek Devta ka mandir tha jisme buri niyat wale gayab ho jata tha.

Salman gaya aur gayab ho gaya, Shahrukh gaya aur who bhi gayab ho gaya.

Mallika Sherawat gayi aur bhagwan gayab ho gaya!

Mallika Sherawat

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Santa Singh at KBC

Amitab Bachan With Santa singh…

The Story So Far…

Santa Singh has answered 12 out of the 15 questions correct and has used all his lifelines except for “50-50″ and “Phone a Friend”.

Santa Singh is playing the 13 th Question now which is for 25 Lacs. Let’s see what happens next… :)

Santa and Amitab

Amitabh Bachchan : Apka 13th question 25 lakh ke liye, yeh raha aapke saamne aapki Computer Screen par…

Santa Singh gets Tense…

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What if doctors make flim?

Socho agar doctor film banate to title kya hota?

Crazy Doctor

1. Kabhi khansi kabhi jukam

2. kaho naa bukhar hai

3. TB no 1

4. Kal patient ho na ho

5. Hum blood de chuke sanam

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