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Climax scene

Movie Director, “Now you have to jump from the 10th floor.”


Nervous Actor, “But suppose I got injured or killed?”

Director, “Thats the idea, coz its the last scene of the movie.”

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Ajit & robert in cricket match

Ajit is watching cricket match of India vs.Pakistan. Kapil is bowling and Imran is batting. Pakistan needs 18 runs in 3 balls.

Ajit : Rabert Kapil se kehna ek khatarnak Beemer daalde aur Imran ko out karde.

Rabert : Ok boss Robert goes to Kapil and tells the message.

Kapil nods and bowls but Imran hits it for a six!


Ajit : Rabert ab Kapil se kehna ek khatarnak Yorker daalde aur Imran kaa kaam tamam karde.

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Dancing and singing chicken

Girl- Today i was cooking chicken, when i added HARA DHANIYA, guess what happened.

Boy- Pata nahi, tum batao
dancing chicken
Girl- Chicken start dancing and singing “HUM PE YE KISNE HARA RANG DAALAMAAR DAALA-ALLAAHH

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A Murga as a Gift

One day Robert present a MURGA as a gift to Ajit. Ajit was in a great mood .

Ajit : Robert! Iss ke saamne daru ka glass rakho.
Robert : (Shocked) Lekin kyon boss?


Ajit : Jab iss ke same daru ka glass rakha jaye ga taab usse hume kahenge “PEA-COCK”.

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Shorthand Seekh Legi

Scene: Ajeet thouroughly disgusted with Mona daaa..arrling’s typing.

Ajeet: Raaberrt, Mona ke dono hathon ko kaat do.


Raabert: Magar kyoon baas ?

Ajeet: Typing to nahi atee, kamsekam shaarthand to seekh legi.

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