Funniest Animal Jokes

What a touching story!!!

There was a mosquito and a dog who loved each other a lot.


One day the mosquito got excited and gave a love bite to the dog.

The dog became emotional and returned the love bite to the mosquito.

The next day…

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Maa banne wali hoon

Ek bar ek chitti ne Hathani ke kan mein kuch kaha toh hathni behos ho gayi.


Phir kisine chitti se pucha ke tune kya kaha?

Chitti Boli: Maine itna hi kaha ke “Main tumhare bacche ki maa banne wali hoon!”

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Pussy cat gets wet

One spring day, a fish was swimming about a foot below the surface of a lake and saw a fly hovering just out of striking distance.

The fish said to itself, “If that fly comes six inches closer, I’ll jump up and have myself a meal.” Just then, a bear on the shore of the lake looked up and said to itself, ” if that fly gets any closer to that fish, the fish will jump up, and i’ll catch the fish and have myself a meal.”


As luck would have it, a hunter saw what was happening. He thought to himself, “If that fly moves closer to the fish, the fish will jump, the bear will lean over to grab the fish, and i’ll shoot the bear.”
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Mere chote bhai ki shadi hai…

A sher is getting married in jungle. There is a big bash and all animals are dancing to the tune of loud music being played.

In a corner a chooha too is dancing.

He is asked, “Are bhai choohe, aap kyu nach rahe ho?”


“Mere chote bhai ki shadi hai…Nachunga Nahin?”

“Sher kabse aapka bhai hone laga?”

“Shadi se pehle main bhi sher tha!”, replied chooha.

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Jaadu Ki Jhappi…

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