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Begum wife

Two married friends Rahul and Rohan talking on the topic of the married woman,

Rahul: Wife ko begum kyun kehte hai?


Rohan: Kyuki shaadi ke baad uske saare gum husband ke hisse mein chale jaate hai aur wife begum ho jaati hai…

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A Sardarji went to toilet ten times

A Sardarji went to toilet ten times within half-an-hour.


Somebody asked,“Sardarji aapko chain nahin hai kya?”

Sardar : Hai to sahi, par khul nahin rahi!

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Munnabhain and circuit

Circiut: Bhai, who apnay bachpan ka dost aarehla hai aaj raat ko dinner pe.
Mera Sara chain collection apne kamray mein chupa do na please.


Munna bhai: Kyun tera dost chor hai kya?

Circiut: Nahin Bhai, woh apne chain pehchan lega.

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Santa Singh depressed

Seeing Santa Singh depressed one of his friends asks him.

“Oye why are you sad?”

To which Santa replies …“I lost Rs 300 in bet.”


His friend ask hims…“How?”

Santa Singh says..“I bet on India for Rs 200…”But unfortunately India lost

His friend queries..“But you said Rs 300…”

Santa Singh answers…“I again bet for India for Rs 100 in the highlights of the match”

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Majak ki aadat

Wife: Ji apko mujhme kya achha lagta hai, meri samajhdari ya meri beauty.


Husband: Mujhe toh yeh tumhari Majak karne ki aadat bahut achi lagti hai.

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