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Bhagwaan ke naam pe kuch de de.

Ek Bhikhari(Paisa maangte hue): “Bhagwan Ke Naam Pe Kuch De De!”

Amir Aadmi: “Aaj Kuch Nahin Hai,Kal Aana!”

(Ye paise na dene ka silsila kaafi dino tak chalta raha!Phir ek din finally bhikhari ne try mari!)
Bhikari: “Bhagwaan Ke Naam Pe Kuch De De!”

Amir Aadmi: “Aaj Kuch Nahin Hai,Kal Aana!”

Bhikhari finally chidke Bola: “Saale Is Kal Kal Ke Chakkar Mein Mere Lakhon Rupayae Phanse Hue Hain!”

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That boy was walking very slowly..

One girl comes late to class.

Professor : Why r u late?
Girl : One boy was following me sir

boy following girl

Professor : So,what?
Girl : That boy was walking very slowly.

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Love never dies

2 Lovers plan to suicide.


Boy jumped first, Girl closed her eyes & return back saying, “love is blind”.

Boy in air opened his parachute saying, “love never dies”.


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Birthday Present

Dad: Son, what do u want for ur birthday?


Son: Not much dad, Just a radio with a sports car around it.

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Jhoot pakarne wali machine

Ek dost dusre dost se: “Kya, tumne jhoot pakarne wali machine dekhi hai?


Doosra dost:
Deki nahi mere paas mein hai! Are maine to usse shadi ki hai.”

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