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Why’s Santa’s phone OFF bhai??

Santa : I tried your number so many times, it always said ‘Switched Off’!


Banta : Nahi Pape, it’s my HELLO TUNE!

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Do aankhe battis daante

Saas: Khuda ne tumhe do aankhe di hai, Chawal se patthar nahi nikal sakti kya?


Bahu: Khuda ne tumhe battis daant diye hai do char 2-4 patthar nahi chabba sakti kya!!!

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Fast horse

One police asked to the thief, “How you theft the horse within a minute in front of so many people?”


Thief replied, “I did not take the horse, it was the horse who has taken me so fast within a second.”

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What’s your phone number?

On a romantic date sardar’s girl friend asks him:

“Darling ! On our engagement will you give me a ring?”


He said: “Sure ! What’s your phone number?”

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Bivi aur ghadi mey kya faraq hey?

Ek aadmi doosrey aadmi sey bola:

“Bivi aur ghadi mey kya faraq hey?”


Doosra Aadmi bola:

“Ek bigarti hai to bandh ho jati hai……Doosari bigarti hai to “SHUROO” ho jati hai”

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