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Still got the axe

Teacher: “George Washington not only chopped down his father’s Cherry tree, but also admitted doing it. Now do you know why his father didn’t punish him ?”


One Student: “Because George still had the axe in is hand.”

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Huddy and Darling

Hubby : Darling years ago you had a figure like Coke bottle.

coca cola

Wife : Yes darling I still do, only difference is earlier it was 300ml now it is 1.5ltr.

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What’s your phone number?

On a romantic date sardar’s girl friend asks him:

“Darling ! On our engagement will you give me a ring?”


He said: “Sure ! What’s your phone number?”

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Mr. Bean attending a meeting

Colleague : Sorry I’m late. I got stuck in an elevator for 4 hrs. Because of a power failure.


Mr. Bean : That’s alright, me too… I got stuck on the escalator for 3Hrs.

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Parking for two wheelers only

Santa was busy in removing a wheel from auto!


Banta asks : Why are you removing a wheel from your auto?

Santa : Can’t u read ‘Parking for two wheelers only’.

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