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How I spell it!

TEACHER : PAPPU, how do you spell “crocodile”?



TEACHER : No, that’s wrong

PAPPU : Maybe it’s wrong, but you asked me how “I” spell it!

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Sharab se nafrat

Mohan: Ladkiya sharab se itni nafrat kyun karti hai?


Sohan: Kyun ki isko pine ke baad unke chue jaise pati shero jaise bartab karne lagte hai!!!

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Papa : Beta, har parai stri ko apni Maa samjho to tumhara character thik ho jayega…


Beta : Lekin Papa fir aap ka character ka kya hoga..??

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Side effects

A man is cutting sides of a capsule before talking it. His neighbour saw this and asked him, “Why are you cutting the sides of the capsule?


He replied, “To avoid side effects.”

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Santa goes TV shopping

Santa Singh goes to a TV shop and asks, ‘Aap ke paas color TV hai kya?’

‘Haan’ replies the shopowner.


Santa Singh says, ‘Ek hara vala dena!’

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