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Love forever

Girl: Do you love me?

Boy: Yes Dear!


Girl: Would you die for me ?

Boy: No, mine is Undying Love!

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A sharp pain in the throat

A man went to his doctor with an unusual problem. “Doctor,” the man began, “I have a strange problem that I’m hoping that you can help me with. Whenever I drink coffee, I experience a sharp, excruciating pain.”


The doctor replied, “Try to remember to remove the spoon from the cup before you drink.”

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Gadha ki kami thi

Bus me bahut bhid thi.

Ek aadmi ne bus mein ghuste hue kaha: Lagta hai bas mein janvar bhare hai.


Bus mein bede dusre aadmi ne kaha: Haan sab sabhi tarah ke janvar yaha hai, sirf ek gadhe ki kami thi.

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Dancing and singing chicken

Girl- Today i was cooking chicken, when i added HARA DHANIYA, guess what happened.

Boy- Pata nahi, tum batao
dancing chicken
Girl- Chicken start dancing and singing “HUM PE YE KISNE HARA RANG DAALAMAAR DAALA-ALLAAHH

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I want to be a cockroach

Santa: What do you want to become in your next life?

Banta: A cockroach.


Santa: Why?

Banta: Kyun ki meri wife sirf cockroach se hi darti hai.

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