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Daily newspaper

A wife says to her husband one weekend morning, “We’ve got such a clever dog, He brings in the daily newspapers every morning.”


Her husband replies, “Well, lots of dogs can do that.”

The wife responded, “But we’ve never subscribed to any!”

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Bivi aur ghadi mey kya faraq hey?

Ek aadmi doosrey aadmi sey bola:

“Bivi aur ghadi mey kya faraq hey?”


Doosra Aadmi bola:

“Ek bigarti hai to bandh ho jati hai……Doosari bigarti hai to “SHUROO” ho jati hai”

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What are you searching for?

One man was searching for something in his safe for hours.
Wife : What are you searching for?


Husband : I give up. I was searching for our marriage papers.
Wife : But why?
Husband : I was searching for the expiry dates!!!

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Most innocent dhamki..

Chor chori karke ghar se baher jane hi wala tha,


Suddenly kid woke up, and said to the thief : “Mera school bag bhi le jao warna main mommy, papa ko utha dunga”.

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Laloo in airport

Once Laloo was coming out of airport.

As there was huge rush the security guard told Laloo “WAIT SIR“…


For which Laloo replied “65Kgs” and moved on…

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