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Mr. Bean attending a meeting

Colleague : Sorry I’m late. I got stuck in an elevator for 4 hrs. Because of a power failure.


Mr. Bean : That’s alright, me too… I got stuck on the escalator for 3Hrs.

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Don’t follow instruction

An man went to see the doctor with a hole in his earlobe and blisters all over his feet.

The docto
r asked, “What happened, Paddy?”


Paddy replied, “I was opening a pudding, and on the packet.

There was written, “pierce ere and stand in boiling water.”

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Sharab se nafrat

Mohan: Ladkiya sharab se itni nafrat kyun karti hai?


Sohan: Kyun ki isko pine ke baad unke chue jaise pati shero jaise bartab karne lagte hai!!!

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Order order

Judge: Order! Order!

Sardar: Ek full chicken masala, 4 paratha, 1 kabab aur 1 coffee.


Shut up!

Sardar: Shut up nahi 7 up.

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Santa buys Indian Flag

Santa to Shopkeeper: – Mujhe India ka flag dikhao.


Shopkeeper ne flag dikhaya,
Santa:Isme aur colour dikhao.

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