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A Donkey kicked sardar

A donkey kicked sardar & ran away, sardar ran to catch the donkey.


He saw a zebra and started beating it and said, ‘Sala tracksuit pahan ke dhoka de raha hai’.

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Sardar Auto Repair Shop

Four sardars wanted to open an auto repair shop.

They bought the best car servicing equipment and soon inaugurated the repair shop.

They all waited eagerly on the inaugural day; but no customer arrived. A couple of days passed, there were no cars that came in for repairs.


A week, then a month went by, there were no cars.

After all, how could cars come in, the sardars had put up their garage on the second floor.

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Photo kheench riya si…

Sardar ki maut Bijli girne se hogai par uski lash muskurate hue mili.

Bhagwan ne poocha Aisa kyun?


Sardar Bole : Mujhe laga koi Photo Kheench riya Si…

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Policeman and Banta

Banta meets a policeman on a way and asks, “Excuse me, officer, but did you know that my wife has had an affair?”

Police officer

The policeman, surprised, “No! I didn’t know”

Banta breathed deeply, exclaiming, “So I’m not the last one to know after all”.

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I was born in Punjab!

Boss: Where were you born ?

Oye Punjab.


Boss: Which part?

Sardarji: Oye, Kya which part? Whole body born in Punjab.

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