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Lucky Match Stick

Santa Singh tried to light his cigarette. He struck the first match on the match box, but it didn’t light.

Match box

He tried another, It didn’t light too. The third one finally lit his cigarette, carefully blew the match out and put it in his vest pocket.

“What for did you put that match in your vest pocket?” asked the another man.

Santa replied, “That’s a lucky match stick. I’ll use it again.”

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Sharam aani chahiye

Jeeto: Sharam aani chahiye, tumhare Banta ki bibi ke saath sambandh hain.

Husband and wife

Santa: Sorry, par tumhe kaise pata chala?
Jeeto: Kal Banta aaya tha, usne tumhara underwear pehna hua tha.

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Don’t Under Estimate

Once a time three friends, one muslim, one hindu and one sardar jee was on the journey. They planned to stay in some village. They went to a house of a farmer and request him to let them spend a night at his house.


The farmer said, “I have only two rooms in my house in one room me and my family sleep and in other room I kept my bull. If you people can manage in that room I will not mind. But I think there is so severe smell from bull that you can not spend a night in that room.”

As those friends don’t have any other way to spend the night so they request to let them try. The farmer agreed and show them the room.

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This is eleven eleven

Santa Singh got up in the middle of the night to answer the telephone.

“Is this one one one one?”, says the voice.

Santa said, “No, this is eleven eleven.”

Man with phone

“Are you sure it isn’t one one one one?”

Again Santa said, “No, this is eleven eleven.”

“Well, wrong number. Sorry to have got you up on the middle of the night.”

Santa replied, “That’s all right, mister. I had to get up to answer the telephone anyway.”

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An Application for Divorce

A Sardar & his wife filed an application for divorce.


Judge asked : How will you divide, you have 3 children?

Sardar replied : Ok! We’ll apply next year.

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