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Bewakuf Banaya

Sardar ko dost ne khane pe bhulaya, ghar pe tala laga hua tha aur likha hua tha “Bewakuf Banaya”.


Sardar ne hoshyari dikhayi niche likh diya“Hum Yahan Aye Hi Nahi The”.

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Sardarji committing suicide

Sardarji is trying to commit suicide on the railway tracks and he takes along some wine and chicken with him.

Railway track

Somebody stops him and asks, kya hai, ye sab kyon leke baithe ho?

Sardarji replies, Saali train late aati hai kahin bhook se na mar jaun

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Sharam aani chahiye

Jeeto: Sharam aani chahiye, tumhare Banta ki bibi ke saath sambandh hain.

Husband and wife

Santa: Sorry, par tumhe kaise pata chala?
Jeeto: Kal Banta aaya tha, usne tumhara underwear pehna hua tha.

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Banta at court

Judge: You are charged with throwing your mother-in-law out of your fourth-story window.

Banta: I did it without thinking, your Honor.


Judge: Thats no excuse! Don’t you see how dangerous it might have been for anyone passing by at the time?

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I made it alright

Sardar joined a new job. On the very first day he worked till late evening on the computer.


Boss was happy and asked him what he did till evening.

Sardar : Keyboard alphabets were not in order, so I made it alright.

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