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Santa dials a number

Santa dials a number and a girl named ‘SITA’ receives phone.


Santa says, “maine to delhi phone lagaya tha, ye ayodhya kaise lag gaya.”

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Sardarji with choice

Once a Sardarji was going to his office.

Banana peel

On the way, he slipped on a banana peel and was badly hurt.

Next day, he noticed two banana peels and exclaimed, “Array, aaj to choice hai.”

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98 Years Old Santa

Old man Santa limped into the doctor’s office and said, “Doctor, my knee hurts so bad, I can hardly walk!”

The doctor slowly eyed him from head to toe, paused and then said, “Mr. Santa, just how old are you?”

Old man and doctor

“98!” Santa announced proudly.

The doctor just sighed, and looked at him again…

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Actually a microwave oven

Santa Singh goes into an electrical goods store, you know one of these stores that sells fridges, TVs etc.


Santa walks up to the salesman, points and says,

“I want to buy this TV.”

The salesman say, “Sorry, we do not sell anything to surds.”

So Santa goes away and comes back two hours later after having a haircut, points and says,

“I want to buy this TV.”

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Bewakuf Banaya

Sardar ko dost ne khane pe bhulaya, ghar pe tala laga hua tha aur likha hua tha “Bewakuf Banaya”.


Sardar ne hoshyari dikhayi niche likh diya“Hum Yahan Aye Hi Nahi The”.

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