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TEACHER : What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?


PAPPU: A teacher

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Learning tense

Once the teacher was teaching tenses.

Boy : Miss, what will be the present tense of samsung?


Teacher: I don’t know.

Boy: That’s very simple… If Samsung is past then Samsing will be the present.

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Funny exam paper

Chotu gets a part in a drama

Chotu’s dad picked him up from school to take him to a dental appointment. Knowing the parts for the school play were supposed to be posted today, he asked his son if he got one.


Chotu enthusiastically announced that he had, ” I play a man who’s been married for twenty years.
“That’s great, son. Keep up the good work and before you know it they’ll be giving you a speaking part.”

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Essay on milk

Nutrition class teacher given home work to write 3 pages essay on milk. Next day all children bring the home work.


One boy written only one page. Then teacher asked him why he has written only one page.

The boy replied, “Teacher I have written about condensed milk.”

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