Santa Banta

Santa Singh depressed

Seeing Santa Singh depressed one of his friends asks him.

“Oye why are you sad?”

To which Santa replies …“I lost Rs 300 in bet.”


His friend ask hims…“How?”

Santa Singh says..“I bet on India for Rs 200…”But unfortunately India lost

His friend queries..“But you said Rs 300…”

Santa Singh answers…“I again bet for India for Rs 100 in the highlights of the match”

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Santa buys Indian Flag

Santa to Shopkeeper: – Mujhe India ka flag dikhao.


Shopkeeper ne flag dikhaya,
Santa:Isme aur colour dikhao.

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This is eleven eleven

Santa Singh got up in the middle of the night to answer the telephone.

“Is this one one one one?”, says the voice.

Santa said, “No, this is eleven eleven.”

Man with phone

“Are you sure it isn’t one one one one?”

Again Santa said, “No, this is eleven eleven.”

“Well, wrong number. Sorry to have got you up on the middle of the night.”

Santa replied, “That’s all right, mister. I had to get up to answer the telephone anyway.”

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Machcharo ko ullu banaya

Ek sardar doosre se keh raha hai ke “Maine machcharo ko ullu banaya !”

Second Sardar: “Kaise?


First says: Maine mosquito coil mere bajuke room mein lagaya aur main apne room mein soya. ha ha ha ha…..

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On behalf of my dear friend…

Subedar Santa and Subedar Banta were in the same regiment in the British Indian Army, they were inseparable friends and spent their evenings drinking together.

The partition separated them as Subedar Santa passed away in a war. To keep his friend
‘s memory alive, Subedar Banta always filled two glasses with rum and water and sipped from each alternately!


When somebody asked him why he did so, he explained: “This glass is Santa’s & this one is mine. So I take a sip from each, One on behalf of santa, the other for myself.”

Suddenly one evening Banta was seen with only one glass on his table. He was asked what happened.

He replied, “You see, I have given up drinking but Santa’s not. So I’ve put away my glass and am drink only on behalf of my friend.”

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