Santa Banta

Banta’s purpose

Banta : Wo ladki deaf lagti hai. Main kuch kehta hoon, woh kuch aur hi bolti hai.


Santa : Kaise?
Banta : Maine kaha I Luv U, To woh boli “Maine kal hi naye sandal kharide hain”.

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Why’s Santa’s phone OFF bhai??

Santa : I tried your number so many times, it always said ‘Switched Off’!


Banta : Nahi Pape, it’s my HELLO TUNE!

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Cool answers in an interview

Santa and Banta are two friends and Santa Singh has a very good job.

Banta Singh is jobless and one day asks Santa to help him get some good Job.

Santa singh says, “OK, next time we will apply together.” and they do.

On interview day, Santa singh says, “First I will go inside and answer all questions except the last one, and after coming out, I will give you all the answers and questions. Then you go in and answer everything and You will get the Job.”

Interview of sardar

So, Santa goes in.

EMPLOYER: When did we get independence?

SANTA: Efforts started in 1857, but we got freedom in 1947.

EMPLOYER: Good. Who is our PM?

SANTA: It changes daily and these days its Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

EMPLOYER: OK. What’s India’s population?

SANTA: (He was not to reply the last one so he says) Good Question, Research is going on, and when I know, I will tell
you, Sir.
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Side A – Side B

Once Santa Singh and Banta Singh were going in a jungle, Suddenly they saw one tiger coming towards them.

To save themselves they climbed a tree and both sat on one branch. The tiger came under the tree and sat down.

man sitting in a tree

Santa told Banta, ” Yaar just to pass Time Why don’t you sing some song”

Banta Singh started to sing. After singing four songs Banta hanged upside down on the branch and then again sung four songs.

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Santa and Banta on bus

Santa and Banta are waiting at a bus stop, when a bus pulls up and opens the door.

Banta leans inside and asks the driver, “Will this bus take me to Chandigarh?”


The bus driver shakes his head and says, “No, I’m Sorry.”

At this Santa leans inside, smiles and twitters, “Will it take ME,plzzz?”

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