Santa Banta

Santa and Banta in Hospital

Banta Singh had to be admitted to hospital and was surprised to see Santa Singh on the bed next to him. Santa Singh explained what happened to him.


He had gone to a remote village to work. He finished late and missed the last bus. He couldn’t find any hotel.

So he approached a nearby house and asked the Owner whether he can stay there for the night.

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No margin on note book

SANTA : “When you buy a note book there will be no margin in it. Why is it so?”


BANTA : “Simple, it is because I always buy the note book from a Margin-Free Market!!”

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Our dear Santa

Once a Hindu, a Muslim and our dear Santa were standing together. An Englishman came up and asked, “hey guys, what is your favorite flowers?”

The Hindu replied, ‘Lotus’
‘Ha, I clean my shit with that!’ the Englishman jeered

The Hindu got angry, the lotus being our national flower


The Muslim replied : “Chameli”
Ha I clean my shit with that!’ The Englishman response

The Muslim also got angry but kept quite

The Englishman asked Santa, ‘Sardarji, and what is your favourite flower?’
Patriotic Santa replied: ‘Cactus! and replied, “now clean your ass with that!”

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This is eleven eleven

Santa Singh got up in the middle of the night to answer the telephone.

“Is this one one one one?”, says the voice.

Santa said, “No, this is eleven eleven.”

Man with phone

“Are you sure it isn’t one one one one?”

Again Santa said, “No, this is eleven eleven.”

“Well, wrong number. Sorry to have got you up on the middle of the night.”

Santa replied, “That’s all right, mister. I had to get up to answer the telephone anyway.”

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Entrance exam of santa

Have you heard of Mr. Santa Singh applying to a medical school to become a doctor?

Needless to say he never made it. You know why?

These are the answers he wrote in his entrance exam.

Antibody – Against everyone
Artery – The study of the paintings.

Bacteria – Back door to a cafeteria.

Caesarean section – A district in Rome.
Cardiology – Advance study of poker playing.
Cat scan – Searching for lost kitty.

Chronic – Neck of a crow.
Coma – Punctuation mark.
Cortisone – Area around local court.
Cyst – Short for sister.

Diagnosis – Person with slanted nose.
Dilate – The late British Princess Diana.
Dislocation – In this place.
Duodenum – Couple in blue jeans.


Enema – Not a friend.

Fake labour – Pretending to work.

Genes – Blue denim.

Hernia – She is close by.

Impotent – Distinguished/well known.

Labor pain – Hurt at work.
Lactose – People without toes.
Lymph – Walk unsteadily.

Microbes – Small dressing gown.

Obesity – City of Obe.

Pacemaker – Winner of Nobel peace prize.
Proteins – In favor of teens.
Pulse – Grain.
Pus – Small cat.

Red blood count
- Dracula.

Secretion – Hiding anything.

Tablet – Small table.

Ultrasound – Radical noise

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