Santa Banta

Machcharo ko ullu banaya

Ek sardar doosre se keh raha hai ke “Maine machcharo ko ullu banaya !”

Second Sardar: “Kaise?


First says: Maine mosquito coil mere bajuke room mein lagaya aur main apne room mein soya. ha ha ha ha…..

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Banta meets the woman of his dreams

Banta called his friend Santa and told him that he recently met the woman of his dreams. Now what should he do?

Santa said, “Send her some flowers and a card and invite her for a home-cooked meal.”

Banta liked the idea, so he invited the woman of his dreams.


The day after the meal Santa calls Banta and asks about the meal.
Banta: “It was a flop idea.”

Santa: Didn’t the girl come to your house?

Banta: She did, but she refused to cook!!

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Subha gadhe ke saath

Ek sardar subah subah jogging karne ke liye nikla apne kutte ke sath.

Rudra: Oye yeh subah subah gadhe ke saath kaha jaa rahe ho?


Sardar: Oye yeh gadha nahi kutta hai.

Rudra: Oye main kutte se hi pochh raha hoon.

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Badda dukh hoya si

Santa : Badda dukh hoya si teri wife di mout ki khabar sunker, wase hoya ki si?

two men

Banta : Goli lagi si matthe vich.

Santa : Shukar rabb da ankh bach gai.

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Santa and banta jungle mein

Santa and banta jungle mein, saamne aayaa sher…


Banta ne sher ki aakhon main matthi phenki, aur bhaagne lagaa aur santa ko bhi bhaagne ko kahaa.

Santa : Main kyun bhaagu, matthi to tune phenki hai.

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