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Patient suffering from disease

A patient was suffering from a diseases and he was badly in trouble so he went to the doctor and asked,
Patient : “what are the chances of my recovering doctor?”


Doctor : “one hundred percent. Medical records show that nine out of ten people die of the disease you have. Yours is the tenth case i’ve treated. The others all died”.

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A wish

Santa is sitting at the end of a bar. He sees a lamp at the end of the table. He walks down to it and rubs it. Out pops a genie.

It says, “I will give you three wishes.” Santa thinks awhile. Finally he says, “I want a beer that never is empty.”


With that, the genie makes a poof sound and on the bar is a bottle of beer. Santa starts drinking it and right before it is gone, it starts to refill.

The genie asks about his next two wishes.

Santa says, “I want two more of these.”

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Worst Job

Chotu gOd!

Ek sharabi tha. Wo har roz jab sharab pine jata to pass mein ek shiv mandir tha.

Wo sharab piker aata or bhagwan shiv ko dekhta or hath jodkar jata tha.

Ek din pujari ji ne bhagwan shiv ko uthaker Ganesh ji ki murti rakh di.


Us din bhi sharabi daily ki tarah aaya to usne aachanak dekha ki ganesh ji hai.

To bola: Chotu Papa ko bolna me aaya tha.

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Sardar in kitchen

Sardar enters kitchen and opens the sugarbox. Sees inside and closes it. Wife observes the whole episode. Again he comes and does the same stuff.


Wife askes : Why are you doing this?

Sardar replies : Doctor told to check sugar level regularly.

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