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Heavy letter

Post Master in a post office told to a woman,”You have to put another stamp on this letter as it is too heavy.


The woman replied, “How would an extra stamp make it lighter.”

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James Bond buys a pan

One day James Bond goes to buy a pan. The pan walla asks him 4 Rs. for the pan but James Bond gives him only 1.5 rs.


When paan waala asks him for the rest of the money, Bond replies…??
Dhai(2.5) another day!

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Smart way to sleep at work

How to decide???

Banta and Santa buy one race horse each after learning about big money in racing.
Says Banta, “How do we identify which horse is mine and which one is yours?”


Santa Singh replies, “I will cut the tail of my horse and so the horse without a tail will be mine and the one with a tail will be yours.”

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