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Ye Toh Girls Hostel Hai

Child : Mom isbar hum sare patake is shop se lenge.


Mom : lekin beta ye toh girls hostel hai.
Child : Papa to kehte hai ki sari phuljadiya yahi raheti hai.

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Helmet kahan hai?

Buffalo par baithe ek Sardar ko Traffic Police ne roka aur puncha, “aapka helmet kahan hai?” Fine lagega.


Sardar replied, “baawle dhyaan se dekh neche!”

“4 wheelar hai.”

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A girl introduces her boy friend to his father, “Dad I told you about him.”

Father asked the boy, “So,you wanna become my son-in-law?”


The boy replied, “Not really sir, but this is the only way to marry your daughter!”

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Wake me up at six

Following an especially angry argument, Mr. and Mrs. Smith went to bed not speaking to each other. Needing to wake up early the following morning, Mr. Smith left a note on his wife’s bedside table that said, “Wake me up at six.”


An exasperated Mr. Smith awoke at ten the following morning and rolled stiffly out of bed to see a note on his bedside table:

“It’s six, you bum! Get out of bed!”

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