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Pathan at KBC

Pathan Kaun Banega Crorepati Mein:

Q: What is you father name?

Pathan: Plz Options?

A. Dilawar
B. Changez
C. Feroz
D. Sultan


Pathan: Life line 50/50

A. Dilawar
C. Feroze

Pathan: Audience Vote.
75% Dilawar
25% Feroze

Pathan: I want to use My last life line “Phone a friend.”
Kisko call karengy?

Pathan: Apne baap dilawar ko!

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Ancient Vs Modern Cats

Talking about those days

Talking about those days when there were no mosquito repellents and we had to spend sleepless nights.

A Surd was also experiencing the same every time he tries to sleep, one mosquito comes and disturbs his sleep with a sound “guooonn, guooonn.”


He gets very irritated. He tries to cover his ear but the problem remains persistent. Ultimately he gets up and catches the mosquito in his hand. He is very kind and not going for the bloodshed still wanted to take revenge.

Happy as he is now starts singing a lullaby and says “so ja machchar, bete so ja.” After some time he finds the mosquito falling in to deep sleep in his hands. So he goes near it and says “guoooonnnnn, guoooonnnnn.”

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What are frens for?


Situations Where “OH SHIT” Is Considered Appropriate:


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