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Baal nahi hai

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3 auratein party mein jane ke liye sareeyan select karti hai

Pehli aurat: Mere pati ke kale baal hai isliye main toh kali saree pahan kar jaungi.


Dusri aurat: Mere pati ke safeid (white) baal hai toh main white saree pahan kar jaungi.

Tisri aurat boli: Mere pati ke baal hi nahi hai toh kya main aise hi jaungi.

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3 Responses to “Baal nahi hai”

  1. Anzar khan Says:

    nice one dear something creative………..
    luv dat

  2. shamim Says:

    i kno dis already
    even i hav added on 19 sept of 2010

  3. Anonymous Says:

    haha love that one!! <3

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