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“Aaj Tak” News

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“Aaj Tak” gets news that 100 Sardars are killed in a train accident at Amritsar station. Only one Sardar left alive.


The correspondent goes to the Sardarji and the conversation between them goes as follows:

Correspondent : How did this happen?

Sardarji : Well, all the people were waiting for the train. They were standing on the platform. Then there was this announcement that the train is arriving on platform number 2.

They got scared to know that the train is arriving on the platform and hence they jumped onto the tracks to save themselves. The announcement was misleading. The train arrived on the track and you can see the result.

Correspondent : Well, I guess, you must be the intelligent. Why did you not jump onto the tracks?

Sardarji : I was actually trying to commit suicide. I was waiting for the train on the tracks. When I heard that the train is arriving on the platform, I climbed up…

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27 Responses to ““Aaj Tak” News”

  1. aman Says:

    how about Hindu,why sardar better to stop this dum ass discriminator.

  2. Zain Says:

    Well, I think it is a little impolite to say why ‘Hindu’ if you want to stop discrimination. That’s also discriminating. I’m not a Hindu, but that sounds offensive.

  3. Rajendra Kumar Says:

    Wonderful joke

  4. Sujal Says:

    well, i say a gr8, old joke…
    and we all shoul frgt about this dicrimination…

  5. Divya Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Don’t fight. This site is only for fun, this is nt a reality show that we start fighting.
    Just chill !!

  6. Kanakarajan Says:


  7. Thota Thakrani Says:

    MML means Masti,Mazaa and laughter

  8. aanchal Says:

    yes very true no hindu no muslim no discriminations only fun sun yaar chill maar

  9. Amreen Says:

    Hey jus enjoe yaar itz a joke

  10. Isra Says:

    awesum nice jk….really good site….and cmon if itz that way, then sardars can also tell that they get discriminated all the time !!

  11. Ranvijay Says:

    Fun unlimited..lol..awesome yaar..
    Btw guys.. jst tk a chill pill and laugh.. even i knw a couple f sardars.. but believe me.. they enjoy these jokes.. as well as we do..;-).. So.. Ishmyle pleazzzzeeeee…:D

  12. divya 8 Says:

    a “not stomach aching” joke but realllllllllllllyyy funnnny.

  13. p u r n i m a Says:

    poor(!)sardar who remained alive……

  14. raja Says:

    really a good joke if feel as joke

  15. jatt Says:

    baat ye hai ki.agar aap sikh hai to aapko bura lagega na.nahi hai to aap mazza lenge he.hindu ho,muslim ho, kisi bhi commnuty ke person ke bare main joke hoga toh naturaly baat jyadda nahi toh thodi to buri lagagi.jo log joke pad kar mazza le rahe hai.bar bar laggtar unki cast ya religion ke liye joke banege toh apne app samag aa jayega.

  16. Anie Jayasing Says:

    not so funny as i thought it will be ……

    but it was nice……………………….

    Please don’t publish such big jokes …It is not interesting ……………….

  17. maninder singh Says:

    oye jatt… move ur butt… go n give ur lectures somewhere else… this is a joke site… u dumb ass

  18. maninder singh Says:

    n by the way mr jatt, how the fu*k did u reach here… weren’t u searching for sardar jokes too..?

  19. rushak Says:

    Usual joke nt so mch fny expctng mor gud jokes on dis site

  20. santosh Says:

    Ha Ha..Great sense of humor..

  21. pooja Says:

    its very good

  22. ram Says:

    this stupidness actually sardar are the jawans during british times and they want to give bad names to that community so the british started this propoganda of sardar jokes, pls put jhon or some britisheres name and read the joke. dont ever njoy the sardar jokes, they are the real miltary heoroes not jokers

  23. saraah Says:

    good keep it up

  24. PC Rout Says:

    Sardar Jokes are good. So no one should feel bad and not to take other way

  25. Kal kan Says:

    Making fun just to relax your mind, not fight each other. If it hurts some group, let us start with Jhon or Peter. But some anglo Indian or London settled Indians should not oppose.
    During my college days, in one weekly magazine the funny charactor was named “Mr. X”
    Do someone like to start the jokes in the name of “Mr. X”..?

  26. praju Says:

    sardaar rocksssssss

  27. xammy dutta Says:

    Agar apka koi frnd particularly apke naam par ya apka naam lekr kisi group/event mein aap par joke baneyga to apko b jaroor bura lagege… May b apka frnd sirf fun k liye hi joke kr raha ho. Par app par kiye ek do jokes k baad apko yeh hurt karne lagega aur app voilence pr aa jaye. …. So plz stop making jokes on sardar.. It really hurts…

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