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Rs 1000

Mallika arrived at a Railway Station for a shooting.

Bhikhari: Behanji 1 rupiya dedo.

Malika gave him 1000 Rs.


Secretary: Why u gave him 1000 Rs..?

Malika: Pehli bar kisine behan kaha!

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If you will try to kiss

Girl : If you will try to kiss me main shor macha dungi


Boy : Lekin yahan to dur tak koi nahi hai.
Girl : I know per formality to karni hi padegi.

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Roopvati, Gunvati and Dhanvati

Dad : The girl whom I showed you is roopvati, gunvati and dhanvati. So you should marry her.

Dad and son

Son : But the girl whom I love is roopvati, dhanvati and garbhvati so I must marry her.

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Pathan at KBC

Pathan Kaun Banega Crorepati Mein:

Q: What is you father name?

Pathan: Plz Options?

A. Dilawar
B. Changez
C. Feroz
D. Sultan


Pathan: Life line 50/50

A. Dilawar
C. Feroze

Pathan: Audience Vote.
75% Dilawar
25% Feroze

Pathan: I want to use My last life line “Phone a friend.”
Kisko call karengy?

Pathan: Apne baap dilawar ko!

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Do aankhe battis daante

Saas: Khuda ne tumhe do aankhe di hai, Chawal se patthar nahi nikal sakti kya?


Bahu: Khuda ne tumhe battis daant diye hai do char 2-4 patthar nahi chabba sakti kya!!!

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