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Gandhi Ki Dhoti

There was just one cinema theater in the Village. The village people, though backward were very patriotic.

In fact as a cinema screen the owner of the theater had installed a khaadi dhoti. The villagers were very happy with the idea of a khaadi dhoti screen. They decided to dedicate the theater to Mahatma Gandhiji, and named the theatre: GANDHI KEE DHOTI


Some of the Up coming attractions at GANDHI KEE DHOTI as advertised in the
local newspaper were:

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Machcher ko maar daal

Malik alsi nokar se:- Yahan par itne sare machcher gun-gun kar rahen hai tu unhe maar gira.

Thodi der bad


Malik:- Abe sale nokar ke bachche maine tujhe machcher marne ko kaha abhi tak tune mare nahi. Woh ab bhi gun-guna kar rahe hai

Alsi nokar:- Malik machcher toh maine maar diye. Yeh toh unki bibi hai jo vidhva ho kar ro rahi hai.

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Phone ki ganti

Phone ki ganti baji.
Santa : Phone mere liye ho toh kehna mein ghar pe nahi hoon.
Jasmeet : Wo ghar pe hain.


Santa : Maine mana kiya tha ke…
Jasmeet : Phone mere liye tha!

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You don’t know my father

Teacher: Tumhare papa 500 rupees loan lete hai. 10% interest ke hisab se woh 1 saal baad loan vapis karte hai. Batao kitne paise vapis karenge?

Bania’s son: Kuch bhi nahi.


Teacher: Tum maths nahi jante.

Banis’s son: Main toh maths janta hoon, par aap mere papa ko nahi jante.

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Stupid answers

If you have two agarbattis on a boat but no source of fire. How will you light an agarbattis if you are in the middle of the river?”

Some answers are:
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