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A Donkey kicked sardar

A donkey kicked sardar & ran away, sardar ran to catch the donkey.


He saw a zebra and started beating it and said, ‘Sala tracksuit pahan ke dhoka de raha hai’.

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Bond and a Telgu guy

James Bond and a Telgu guy fly to Newyork in a flight. Telgu guy takes the initiative to converse with James Bond.

Telgu guy asks the name of Bond.

Bond says: Bond! James Bond! James Bond 007!

And Bond asks Telgu Guy’s name.


Telgu Guy replies: Prasad! Venkat Prasad!
Veera Venkat Prasad! Sai Veera Venkat Prasad! Srilakshmi Sai Veera Venkat Prasad!

Venkateshwara Srilakshmi Sai Veera Venkat Prasad! Srinivasukala Venkateshwara Srilakshmi

Sai Veera Venkat Prasad!
Sita Ramanjaneyula Srinivasula Venkateshwara Srilakshmi Sai Veera Venkat Prasad!

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Gandhi Ki Dhoti

There was just one cinema theater in the Village. The village people, though backward were very patriotic.

In fact as a cinema screen the owner of the theater had installed a khaadi dhoti. The villagers were very happy with the idea of a khaadi dhoti screen. They decided to dedicate the theater to Mahatma Gandhiji, and named the theatre: GANDHI KEE DHOTI


Some of the Up coming attractions at GANDHI KEE DHOTI as advertised in the
local newspaper were:

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Birthday ka tofa

Biwi: “Aap ne pichle saal meri birthday pe mujhe lohay ka bed banwa ke diya tha, Iss dafa aapka kya iraada hai?”


Shohar: “Iss saal uss mein current chorne ka iraada hai.”

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Ek 10 saal ka bachha bahot dhyan se ek book pad raha tha, jiska title tha: “Kids ka paalan poshan kaise kare”.


Mother: Tum yeh book kyon pad rahe ho.

Kid: Main yeh dekhna chahta hoon ke mera paalan poshan theek tara se ho raha hai ya nahi.

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