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Dost ki Kabar

Ek aadmi apne dost ki kabar par phool daal raha hota hai.

Aur samne wale kabar mein bhi, ek aadmi apne dost ki kabar par chawal daal raha hota hai.


Pehla aadmi doosre se kehta hai, “Ye tumhara dost phool sunghne kab uthega?”

Doosra aadmi
, “Jab tumhara dost chawal khane uthe ga.”

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Shaadi ka jhagda

Shaadi ke doosre din beti apni maa se: Meri unse ladai ho gayi!


Maa: Shadi mein jhagde toh hote rehte hai fikar mat karo.

Beti: Woh toh thik hai par ab “LAASH” ka kya karu?

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Mehengi Jaga Chaltay Hai

Wife: Aji suniye, mujhe kisi mehengi jaga le ke chaliye na ji….

Husband: Chalo, tayyar ho jao…


Guess where he took her….


Petrol pump!!!

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Itne… Pyaar se?

Sardar talking on cell.
2nd Sardar : Kis se baat kar raho ho.
1st Sardar : Biwi se…

Cell phone

2nd Sardar : Itne… Pyaar se?
1st Sardar : Tumhari hai…

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Gandhi Ki Dhoti

There was just one cinema theater in the Village. The village people, though backward were very patriotic.

In fact as a cinema screen the owner of the theater had installed a khaadi dhoti. The villagers were very happy with the idea of a khaadi dhoti screen. They decided to dedicate the theater to Mahatma Gandhiji, and named the theatre: GANDHI KEE DHOTI


Some of the Up coming attractions at GANDHI KEE DHOTI as advertised in the
local newspaper were:

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