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Lalu-Rabri Funny Riddle

Lalu to Rabri: Agar tum batao ki iss bag ke andar kya hai, toh sare eggs tumare, agar tum batao kitne eggs toh 8 ke 8 tumare, aur agar tum bata do ke ande kiske hai toh woh murgi bhi tumari.


Rabri: Lalu Ji, koi hint toh do na plz?

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Ajit & robert in cricket match

Ajit is watching cricket match of India vs.Pakistan. Kapil is bowling and Imran is batting. Pakistan needs 18 runs in 3 balls.

Ajit : Rabert Kapil se kehna ek khatarnak Beemer daalde aur Imran ko out karde.

Rabert : Ok boss Robert goes to Kapil and tells the message.

Kapil nods and bowls but Imran hits it for a six!


Ajit : Rabert ab Kapil se kehna ek khatarnak Yorker daalde aur Imran kaa kaam tamam karde.

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Gandhi Ki Dhoti

There was just one cinema theater in the Village. The village people, though backward were very patriotic.

In fact as a cinema screen the owner of the theater had installed a khaadi dhoti. The villagers were very happy with the idea of a khaadi dhoti screen. They decided to dedicate the theater to Mahatma Gandhiji, and named the theatre: GANDHI KEE DHOTI


Some of the Up coming attractions at GANDHI KEE DHOTI as advertised in the
local newspaper were:

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Gabbar ka khauf…

Maa apne bete se kehti: Beta so ja warna gabbar aa jayega.


Beta apni maa se kehta: Maa mujhe Chocolate do varna papa se keh dunga ke mere sone ke bad roz gabbar aata hai.

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No C!!

Santa meets his friend Banta
Santa : A & B, A & B, A & B, A & B, A & B…!

Banta : Oye, Iska Matlab ?


Santa : Kuch Nahin Yaar, I Mean Long Time No C..!

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