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Hindi Cartoon

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7 Responses to “Hindi Cartoon”

  1. no1 Says:

    be haad ghatiya cartoon drawing to bahut hi bahut hi bahut hi waahiyat he …aise cartoonist ko jina koi adhikaar nai he.. mujhe ye cartoonist kahi mil gayana to sale ki aisi gaand marunga ki iski gaan fat jayegi..aur is bhenchod cartoonist ko gadi k piche nagga bandh k puri duniya me ghasitunga..sale madarchod..

  2. karan Says:

    hey dont give such bad word tu kahe nahi sakta joke acha tha?! and madarchod is such a bad bad worst badword it means doing the thing to have kids with your mom

  3. mital gohil Says:


  4. harkirat phaji Says:


  5. harkirat phaji Says:

    thise is my charanpreet
    my class 1st b roll no 8
    my ticher name parika

  6. rashmi singh Says:

    soooo bad joke……..

  7. alwin son Says:

    tm indian sub se bare randi ke bache ho bencho gando dalo bharwo randi ki uladho

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